We all have busy lives and often busy minds, finding moments to pause, breathe and connect can be a challenge but is integral to developing our mindfulness and wellbeing. Designing and creating is my way of channelling these thoughts and feelings and inspiring you to feel empowered to unravel who you are and who you want to be.

Pull and Pin was created to enable you to have moments for your selfcare and to experience this in your chosen environment. I take inspiration from slow art and mindful art throughout my creative process. I design and create exquisite and meticulously crafted textile works and art prints that can hold their own as a statement piece or as part of an eclectic wall art collection.

Stitching, unravelling and drawing are my approaches to switching off from the everyday and allowing my hands to connect with the moment.

The process of making is integral to how I work, I wanted my brand name to reflect that. Pull and Pin very much links with how I craft and but also with the notion of being able to create and connect with others. Supporting and empowering each other is fundamental, not only to be kind to ourselves but to others too.