For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to sew. Growing up in the 70’s as a second generation British Asian it was rare to buy ready-made traditional Pakistani garments, so it was a necessity to learn to sew. The skills I learnt are integral to how I work as an artist today.

The work that I create today, has been informed by my story of straddling two cultures. Art has always been my escapism and salvation and I whole heartedly immerse myself in it. If I lose a sense of who I am or if I neglect to make time for myself, I always know that I can rediscover and reconnect through stitching and creating. These sentiments are what shape me as an artist and inform my core values.
My core values
  • Art is for everyone
  • To fight inequality
  • To empower women
I've developed my career as a visual artist and artist educator with these core values in mind. Ever since I graduated with BA Hons Fine Art in Cardiff, I've worked hard to uphold these values through my work for museums, galleries and other establishments for over 24 years.
I have a keen interest in promoting the arts to a wider audience and as a tool for creative expression and learning. The aim is also to empower and inspire individuals in their own creative process.
My range of original art finds its way into beautiful homes and spaces around the world. I love to imagine one of my stitched originals in another part of the world becoming quite a talking point. My work is very textural and intricate, these qualities transform them into exquisite art that are statement pieces you will love and cherish.
My craft kits are designed to give people joy and allow them to experience the whole hearted immersion through creation that I experience.


If you have any questions or comments about my work, I would be happy to hear from you.